Outreach & Ministry

Powerhouse wants to share God’s Word with you and speak into you life that he is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above what you asked and what you think. We challenge you to put God first in your life and watch him change the obstacles to opportunities.

Over a year ago, a missionary visited PowerHouse Worship Center, and told of us his struggles surviving and victories he experienced through the journey. He spoke intently of the love of Christ and how God send people just like you and I to be a blessing his people.

This passionately missionary expressed needs in his community and surrounding areas and encouraged us to follow Jesus in ministry to people of Fort Portal, Uganda. Since then that missionary has built a viable business through bee keeping that supports his ministry. As he was taught he teaches others to be self-sufficient through the tools that God has already placed in the earth.

Now over a year later, volunteers from PowerHouse Worship Center are traveling to the Uganda country to assist the villagers with building toilet facilities, making soaps, and encouraging them through the ministry. On March 13th, 2017, PHWC will send 10 volunteers to this country for purposeful ministry.

The ministry volunteers will spend 2 weeks building spiritually and naturally. Your donated funds will assist this ministry in travel expenses, affording supplies for the soaps, and materials needed to build toilet facilities. Each dollar you donate goes toward advancing the missionary effort in this community and abroad.

​Wave of Blessings

Evening Verse:

“Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice.” 1Samuel 15:22

Paul had been commanded to slay utterly all the Amalekites and their cattle. Instead of doing so, he preserved the king, and suffered his people to take the best of the oxen and of the sheep. When called to account for this, he declared that he did it with a view of offering sacrifice to God; but Samuel met him at once with the assurance that sacrifices were no excuse for an act of direct rebellion. The sentence before us is worthy to be printed in letters of gold, and to be hung up before the eyes of the present idolatrous generation, who are very fond of the refineries of will-worship, but utterly neglect the laws of God. Be it ever in your remembrance, that to keep strictly in the path of your Savior’s command is better than any outward form of religion; and to hearken to His precept with an attentive ear is better than to bring the fat of rams, or any other precious thing to lay upon His altar. If you are failing to keep the least of Christ’s commands to His disciples, I pray you be disobedient no longer. All the pretensions you make of attachment to your Master, and all the devout actions which you may perform, are no recompense for disobedience. “To obey,” even in the slightest and smallest thing, “is better than sacrifice,” however pompous. Talk not of Gregorian chants, sumptuous robes, incense, and banners; the first thing which God requires of His child is obedience; and though you should give your body to be burned, and all your goods to feed the poor, yet if you do not hearken to the Lord’s precepts, all your formalities shall profit you nothing. It is a blessed thing to be teachable as a little child, but it is a much more blessed thing when one has been taught the lesson, to carry it out to the letter. How many adorn their temples and decorate their priests, but refuse to obey the word of the Lord! My soul, come not thou into their secret.

Morning Verse:

“Thy paths drop fatness.” Psalm 65:11

Many are “the paths of the Lord” which “drop fatness,” but an especial one is the path of prayer. No believer, who is much in the closet, will have need to cry, “My leanness, my leanness; woe unto me.” Starving souls live at a distance from the mercy- seat, and become like the parched fields in times of drought. Prevalence with God in wrestling prayer is sure to make the believer strong—if not happy. The nearest place to the gate of heaven is the throne of the heavenly grace. Much alone, and you will have much assurance; little alone with Jesus, your religion will be shallow, polluted with many doubts and fears, and not sparkling with the joy of the Lord. Since the soul-enriching path of prayer is open to the very weakest saint; since no high attainments are required; since you are not bidden to come because you are an advanced saint, but freely invited if you be a saint at all; see to it, dear reader, that you are often in the way of private devotion. Be much on your knees, for so Elijah drew the rain upon famished Israel’s fields.

There is another especial path dropping with fatness to those who walk therein, it is the secret walk of communion. Oh! the delights of fellowship with Jesus! Earth hath no words which can set forth the holy calm of a soul leaning on Jesus’ bosom. Few Christians understand it, they live in the lowlands and seldom climb to the top of Nebo: they live in the outer court, they enter not the holy place, they take not up the privilege of priesthood. At a distance they see the sacrifice, but they sit not down with the priest to eat thereof, and to enjoy the fat of the burnt offering. But, reader, sit thou ever under the shadow of Jesus; come up to that palm tree, and take hold of the branches thereof; let thy beloved be unto thee as the apple-tree among the trees of the wood, and thou shalt be satisfied as with marrow and fatness. O Jesus, visit us with Thy salvation!

Leading the Way

God is Calling Forth Greatness

The Characteristics found in good leaders

  1. Leaders lead by example: You must model the way.
  2. Inspire a shared vision: if you capture the imagination, you will inspire creative thought and increase loyalty.
  3. Challenge the Process: Don’t continue to do the same thing just because “We’ve always done it that way.”
  4. Enable others to act: Truly empower people to act on their own within in their level of authority.
  5. Encourage the heart: A positive attitude is infectious.